A Fresh & Unique Approach

  • Results Orientation:
    We define our success by the goals that you set for your learning/assessment intervention.
  • Value For Money:
    This is a primary concern for us. Knowing that your budget is precious, we look to demonstrate a return on your investment.
  • Unrestricted Access:
    We are not a traditional "Actors' Agent" and this means that we have access across the population of Ireland's acting community.
  • Handpicked Actors:
    Our role is not to "populate role-plays with available actors", but rather to ensure that the actor(s) you work with are specifically suited to your learning/assessment programme.
  • Constant Evaluation:
    In concert with our clients, we regularly review the quality of our service and our client relationships.

The Actors & Directors We Work With

We work with a cadre of highly accomplished and professional theatre practitioners. Each and every one of them:
  • Can speedily assimilate comprehensive briefings (including scenarios, issues and desired outcomes);
  • Acts in a manner which is responsive to th stimuli presented by the learner;
  • Treats each assignment with a respect equal to any other important acting engagement;
  • Presents a 'challenging but fair' environment for the learner.
  • Is friendly and reliable;
  • Has an experience-based understanding of the world of business;
  • Is able (because of his/her business background) to provide credible, effective simulations;
  • Behaviours in a professional manner;
  • Cares about the learning outcomes.